What Is Master of the Ritual?

The Ritual is the foundation in which the Four Pillars of our Fraternity were built upon. The Brothers on this list have accomplished the highest Ritual goal possible: Master of The Ritual.

Each Brother has shown their diligence and commitment by fully embracing our Ritual.

Master of the Ritual History

Brother Stephen Alonzo Jackson put it best in his apples of gold speech; “Why not put our apples of gold in pictures of silver.” This expression alludes to his desire to incorporate all the great teachings of Bologna into our present-day Ritual.

His true meanings behind these words speak to the Ritual of our Fraternity; the one true bond we all share. Stephen Alonzo Jackson worked on perfecting the Ritual from the day he entered The Order, until his last day.

Brothers, I hope that you will follow the lead of these Brothers and embrace the challenge of becoming a Master of the Ritual. I look forward to welcoming you into this exclusive group, if you have any questions, please reach out to the Ritual Commission.

Kappa Sigma Masters of the Ritual – Inaugural Class

Master # and Full NameChapterUniversity/ CollegeInitiation Year
Thomas P. BishopAlpha-BetaMercer University1979
Jason D. BothwellTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University1993
Donald E. BradfordAlpha-DeltaPenn State Univeristy1991
Brian M. BullardMu-ZetaNorth Carolina at Wilmington1988
Joe FernandezEpsilon-BetaUniversity of Miami1986
Chad GebhardtTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University1992
Claude E. Grise IIINu-KappaUniversity of Central Arkansas1992
Phillip J. HaggardNu-RhoSoutheastern Oklahoma University1992
Bryan M. KearneyDelta-AlphaCarnegie-Mellon University1990
Brian F. KellyGamma-PiMIT1988
Michael P. LangleyKappa-NuUniversity of Southern Alabama1974
Drew L. McGillivaryGamma-PiMIT1991
James F. MillerEpsilon-IotaSan Diego State University1986
Justin L. MountsTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University1993
Michael D. NashLambda-IotaLyon College1990
David B. RobinsonAlpha-IotaUniversity of Tennessee Chattanooga1992
Jason B. SmithDelta-AlphaCarnegie-Mellon University1988
James A. StanglerDelta-MuUniversity of North Dakota1989
Andrew B. TurnerDelta-RhoFranklin and Marshall College1959
Roy A. Van GelderLambda-GammaJacksonville State University1993
William O. WatersAlpha-BetaMercer University1952

Kappa Sigma Masters of the Ritual Listing

Master of the Ritual #Recognition NameStudent ChapterStudent UniversityStudent Initiation Year
21Robert P. OlmrTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University1993
23Darin W. PhalenMu-LambdaUniversity of Calgary1984
24Kenneth G. SmithfieldTheta-IotaSan Jose State University1984
25Brian T. FreidlineTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University1995
26Michael K. AdamsLambda-PiDelta State University1991
27William A. StetzlerPhiRhodes College1995
28Jeffrey S. VaalaBeta-MuUniversity of Minnesota-Twin Cities1993
29Christopher A. AltonKappa-PiUniversity of Central Oklahoma1994
30Henry P. ShookNu-UpsilonWinthrop University1994
31Gregory N. PalGamma-PiMassachusetts Institute of Technology1993
32Marc G. GlickGamma-PiMassachusetts Institute of Technology1994
33Daric A. A. GarbuttTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University1995
34Anthony B. EppEpsilon-EpsilonThe University of British Columbia1992
35Brent E. CrewsDelta-DeltaUniversity of Florida1994
36Edward F. BerbarieNu-OmicronThe University of Texas at Dallas1995
37Eugene C. GloverGamma-PiMassachusetts Institute of Technology1994
37Brian T. JankowskiKappa-RhoBoise State University1992
38David I. GrayNu-IotaRowan University1993
39Marshall J. BrownAlpha-ZetaUniversity of Michigan1994
39Steven R. SemanBeta-DeltaWashington & Jefferson College1995
40Lowell G. HoweTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University1996
41Eric R. KnittelNu-PhiNortheastern State University1994
42Craig M. MossAlpha-IotaUniversity of Tennessee at Chattanooga1994
43William A. SparksAlpha-EtaThe George Washington University1995
44Brian S. WalkerGamma-Beta PrimeMillikin University1994
45David B. CarabettaAlpha-EtaThe George Washington University1996
46Roy M. Brock, Jr.Mu-TauAustin Peay State University1994
47Lucas W. LarsonTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University1995
48Charles J. VayianosNu-OmegaUniversity of Tampa1994
49Brenton J. NairMu-UpsilonUniversity of Northern Iowa1985
50Zachary T. LewisAlpha-BetaMercer University1994
51Kevin P. LeaverGamma-NuWashburn University1994
52James S. ThayerGamma-PsiOklahoma State University1985
53Jody L. BaileyTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University1987
54Mario A. SilvaTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University1995
55John Scott BrandonTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University1996
56Jason W. LacyTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University1996
57Eric K. SandersTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University1996
58Reese I. RogersTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University1996
59Kyle A. JoyceTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University1997
60Andy H. DiricXi-DeltaThe University of Texas at San Antonio1995
61John S. AcklandEpsilon-MuThe University of Tulsa1994
62Michael P. CarruthersTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University1996
63Michael E. NoelEpsilon-PhiTexas Tech University1995
64Dewain S. RiddleMu-RhoMissouri State University1996
65Jason M. MarchettiNu-OmicronThe University of Texas at Dallas1993
66Ernest G. PazarXi-ZetaNorthwest Missouri State University1996
67Toby H. TaylorEpsilon-PsiThe University of Memphis Lambuth1995
68Danny J. HoltzclawMu-GammaTexas A&M University1994
69Michael J. GarrisonAlpha-PsiUniversity of Nebraska-Lincoln1990
70John C. HowardLambda-EpsilonUniversity of Central Florida1996
71Deepak R. PradhanXi-LambdaUniversity of Delaware1997
72Robert R. ScholerTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University1996
73Kenneth R. EhresmannTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University1997
74Brandon G. WaggonerPhiRhodes College1997
75Jeremy R. ZamoraTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University1996
76Enrique Q. Echaniz, Jr.Nu-OmicronThe University of Texas at Dallas1996
77Thomas P. LambLambda-GammaJacksonville State University1994
78David S. Varnedoe, Jr.Lambda-XiGeorgia College and State University1995
79Sean C. TytlerGamma-PiMassachusetts Institute of Technology1995
80Brad A. PowellEpsilon-GammaLouisiana Tech University1992
81Casey L. StoneTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University1996
82Clifford N. JonesTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University1996
83Travis L. WattsTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University1996
86Eric A. MatternTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University1997
87Henry G. VarelaTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University1997
90Gil C. Vander VoortKappa-ChiCollege of Charleston1996
91Charles R. ManningLambda-XiGeorgia College and State University1995
92Stephen L. CoxenLambda-XiGeorgia College and State University1996
93Jon B. LewisNu-RhoSoutheastern Oklahoma State University1996
94Stephen A. Cantrell, Jr.Nu-RhoSoutheastern Oklahoma State University1997
95Craig S. HenryNu-PhiNortheastern State University1995
96Gregory D. PriceXi-IotaColumbus State University1996
97Benjamin P. SumrallXi-ZetaNorthwest Missouri State University1997
98Timothy W. BeggsTheta-DeltaWillamette University1996
99Joseph M. TerantinoNu-UpsilonWinthrop University1996
100Jarrod A. GregoryKappa-PiUniversity of Central Oklahoma1996
101Christopher A. HuntNu-OmicronThe University of Texas at Dallas1995
102Christopher A. DurhamNu-KappaUniversity of Central Arkansas1993
103Jarret H. StuartMu-LambdaUniversity of Calgary1995
104Nicholas L. LeonardsonKappa-RhoBoise State University1999
105Naresh K. KeswaniLambda-EpsilonUniversity of Central Florida1995
106Joseph A. Rohner, IVKappa-RhoBoise State University1998
107Joe D. ScholerTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University1998
108Burton R. TremblyTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University1998
109Andrew L. BolteTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University1999
111Joseph N. FrieTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University1998
112Jonathan S. HedrickTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University1998
113Jonathan R. PalmerTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University1998
114Francisco T. SanchezTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University1998
115Danny D. CarmodyTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University1998
116James A. CopeTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University1998
117Timothy ExleyTheta-BetaCalifornia State University, Long Beach1995
118Craig A. HashbargerDelta-MuUniversity of North Dakota1997
119Donald E. StrasbaughGamma-PsiOklahoma State University1997
120Christopher J. PeikertGamma-PiMassachusetts Institute of Technology1997
121ClintNu-OmicronThe University of Texas at Dallas1996
122Shane L. KammererXi-ZetaNorthwest Missouri State University1996
123Matthew B. BottKappa-RhoBoise State University1996
124Michael T. VanderlindeLambda-EpsilonUniversity of Central Florida1997
125Robert H. Tessmer, Jr.Lambda-EpsilonUniversity of Central Florida1996
125Jorge A. De LeonNu-AlphaCalifornia Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo1992
126Christopher E. RobertsTheta-DeltaWillamette University1997
127Alexander W. UrselXi-AlphaMinnesota State University, Mankato1998
128Jared H. StrydhorstEpsilon-AlphaUniversity of Alberta1997
129Daniel S. MayorgaNu-LambdaCalifornia State University, Sacramento1997
130Aaron M. PlittMu-PsiBoston University1998
131Garrett H. DimonNu-OmicronThe University of Texas at Dallas1997
132John C. BraggLambda-EpsilonUniversity of Central Florida1998
133David M. HicksTheta-DeltaWillamette University1998
134Jason E. LeachGamma-ChiKansas State University1997
135Brent W. MorganPhiRhodes College1999
136Kalpesh S. PatelEpsilon-SigmaFlorida State University1996
137Bradley J. WarnerEpsilon-ZetaUniversity of Connecticut1999
138Christopher S. MaroneyXi-IotaColumbus State University1999
139Jeremy D. TurnerTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University2000
140Juan F. VargasNu-OmicronThe University of Texas at Dallas1999
141James F. BencivengaXi-XiMarquette University1999
142Britain C. FassettNu-OmicronThe University of Texas at Dallas1997
143Cody P. McCullarNu-OmicronThe University of Texas at Dallas1998
144Joshua D. AdamsTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University1999
145Chad T. JoyceTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University1999
146Padaric J. KolanderTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University1999
147Jake A. MedranoTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University1999
149Charles B. JonesAlpha-TauGeorgia Institute of Technology1997
150Kyle R. VogeGamma-SigmaOregon State University1999
151Justin A. WardTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University2000
152Christopher A. ChandlerNu-UpsilonWinthrop University1999
153Christopher D. KietzmanNu-UpsilonWinthrop University1999
154Matthew F. MillerNu-BetaNorthern Illinois University1989
155Jose A. CortesNu-RhoSoutheastern Oklahoma State University1998
156Cody D. CommanderNu-RhoSoutheastern Oklahoma State University1999
157Gary M. LivingstonMu-GammaTexas A&M University1999
158John D. RoudaNu-UpsilonWinthrop University1998
159Gary J. SwantnerGamma-PsiOklahoma State University2000
160Gregory S. JonesTheta-DeltaWillamette University1999
161Michael W. PhillipsXi-LambdaUniversity of Delaware1998
162John E. Ballerstedt, Jr.Beta-NuUniversity of Kentucky2000
163Joshua D. GallowayGamma-SigmaOregon State University1999
164Zachary N. RenfroNu-OmicronThe University of Texas at Dallas2000
165Sean D. CarverNu-OmicronThe University of Texas at Dallas1999
166Paul J. HasbrookXi-XiMarquette University1999
167Aaron M. ProctorDelta-AlphaCarnegie Mellon University1997
168Timothy M. PettitMu-PsiBoston University1999
169Clifford M. KeenXi-RhoStockton University2000
170Eric D. GarciaTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University2000
171Jeffrey M. HighXi-AlphaMinnesota State University, Mankato1999
172Branden R. MarshallTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University1999
173Jacob B. EspinozaTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University2000
174Patrick J. MartinXi-XiMarquette University2000
175William M. HandRho PrimeUniversity of North Georgia1998
176Andrew J. HarmonPsiUniversity of Maine1995
177Scott R. BurksDelta-ZetaUniversity of New Mexico2000
178Brett B. TremblyTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University2001
179Matthew B. MorganNu-OmicronThe University of Texas at Dallas1998
181John A. PabonTheta-BetaCalifornia State University, Long Beach2000
182Philip M. UyTheta-BetaCalifornia State University, Long Beach1998
183Keith R. CannizzaroNu-OmicronThe University of Texas at Dallas1997
184John D. VentreLambda-MuSouthern New Hampshire University1997
185Jeremy W. SallesMu-DeltaUniversity of California, Irvine2000
186Andrew M. WidmerMu-GammaTexas A&M University2000
187Bradley M. BennettTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University2000
188Eric D. SmithTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University2001
189Jason J. DeyNu-ZetaUniversity of Wisconsin-Oshkosh2000
190Rodney L. JuneTheta-BetaCalifornia State University, Long Beach1982
191David A. TestaDelta-PsiMichigan State University1998
192Peter R. OlingerNu-UpsilonWinthrop University1999
193Stephen M. AvanziXi-EtaChristian Brothers University2000
194Carlos J. EhlerLambda-PsiSt. Mary's University, Texas1998
195Carl C. StinnettKappa-MuTennessee Technological University2000
196Anton B. IliukTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University2002
197Kyle P. KurtykaXi-LambdaUniversity of Delaware1999
198Timothy J. BrooksTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University2001
199Coy C. WatkinsLambda-XiGeorgia College and State University2001
200Daniel S. ArchuletaDelta-ZetaUniversity of New Mexico2000
201Jared A. MorrisTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University2001
202Frederic A. CooperNu-OmicronThe University of Texas at Dallas2000
203David A. ShipleyNu-OmicronThe University of Texas at Dallas2001
204John W. StadlerNu-OmicronThe University of Texas at Dallas2002
205Andrew N. TranNu-OmicronThe University of Texas at Dallas2001
206Adam C. FloresTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University2002
207Juan M. Marquez, Jr.Theta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University2001
208John M. RichardsonLambda-OmicronUniversity of North Alabama2000
209Francisco DavilaLambda-ChiCollege of Idaho2001
210Robert R. RentfrowXi-ThetaValdosta State University2002
211Billy M. HoustonEpsilon-OmegaGeorgia State University2002
212Terry J. ArchambeaultAlpha-PiWabash College2002
213Jimmy LyNu-OmicronThe University of Texas at Dallas2001
214David A. CadoganAlpha-KappaCornell University2000
215Danny MendiolaTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University2002
216Alex E. RichardsTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University2002
217Joshua N. IngramTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University2002
218David M. AurichEpsilon-NuUniversity of Southern Mississippi1999
219Adam R. BrownGamma-KappaThe University of Oklahoma2000
220Jason L. GloverXi-ZetaNorthwest Missouri State University1996
221Stephen D. DowneyGamma-GammaColorado School of Mines1999
222Joel D. ZehrGamma-GammaColorado School of Mines2001
223Nathan D. StewartKappa-PiUniversity of Central Oklahoma2001
224Peter J. SchmickGamma-LambdaIowa State University2001
225Bryan D. FrappTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University2002
226Sean P. BondNu-UpsilonWinthrop University2001
227Eric D. SaludXi-XiMarquette University2001
228Philip A. GarzaTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University2002
229James R. AllenNu-OmicronThe University of Texas at Dallas2001
230Thomas B. FarquharsonNu-OmicronThe University of Texas at Dallas2000
231David A. Mc CoyNu-OmicronThe University of Texas at Dallas2002
232William C. SherrodNu-OmicronThe University of Texas at Dallas2003
233Jeffrey A. WhiteNu-OmicronThe University of Texas at Dallas2002
234Nicholas E. SnowbergerTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University2001
235Dale A. CarricoMu-EtaUniversity of Louisville2001
236Christopher C. FricksXi-ThetaValdosta State University2003
237Joshua D. AllenXi-SigmaWestern Carolina University2001
238Daniel J. TierneyTheta-NuAshland University1999
239Alan J. HazzardBeta-ThetaIndiana University2001
240Anthony B. O'ConnorGammaLouisiana State University2002
241Andrew R. SmithDelta-ZetaUniversity of New Mexico1999
242Richard N. WhirleyLambda-XiGeorgia College and State University2003
243Taylor L. BirdXi-EtaChristian Brothers University2003
244Brandon J. KlukNu-EpsilonNew Mexico State University2002
245Brian P. DornTheta-NuAshland University2000
246Jason D. TarwaterXi-ZetaNorthwest Missouri State University1998
247Grant BirminghamGamma-GammaColorado School of Mines2004
248John M. StockstillLambda-XiGeorgia College and State University2003
249Matthew D. PhillipsNu-UpsilonWinthrop University2002
250George H. Baltz, IIIAlpha-TauGeorgia Institute of Technology1999
251Mario E. CabreraTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University2003
253James J. BitakisDelta-ZetaUniversity of New Mexico2004
254Samuel A. MichnoviczTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University2003
255George L. DicksonTheta-OmicronMuskingum University1989
256Kevin M. CusickMu-RhoMissouri State University2001
257Jose RivasTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University2003
258Stephen M. FrostTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University2002
259Nathanael L. BryantTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University2003
260Brandon W. SpearsTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University2003
261Andrew P. WeeksAlpha-TauGeorgia Institute of Technology2004
262Corinthian McCutcheonKappa-PiUniversity of Central Oklahoma2002
263Ewart J. De VisserMu-ZetaUniversity of North Carolina at Wilmington2003
264Jonathan D. MurrayMu-BetaHuntingdon College2002
265Huy T. LeMu-EtaUniversity of Louisville2004
266Joshua L. HoganKappa-MuTennessee Technological University2004
267Jonathan W. TomlinsonKappa-MuTennessee Technological University2003
268Craig P. WhittenKappa-RhoBoise State University2004
269Steven D. HughesNu-OmicronThe University of Texas at Dallas2003
270Nicholas E. SaabEpsilon-BetaUniversity of Miami2004
271Douglas K. McKenzieTheta-DeltaWillamette University2004
272Michael J. WesselXi-PsiUniversity of North Florida2004
273Brian D. WilsonLambda-XiGeorgia College and State University2003
274Josh L. BoutwellLambda-XiGeorgia College and State University1999
275William C. FolsomLambda-XiGeorgia College and State University2002
276James L. DickersonAlpha-IotaUniversity of Tennessee at Chattanooga2002
277Kevin B. RamakrishnaXi-XiMarquette University2002
278Jeremy J. MendozaTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University2003
279Gregory L. AllisonXi-EpsilonThiel College2003
280Christopher M. SnowbergerTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University2002
281Joshua C. GeissingerTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University2004
283Edward R. KellumNu-EpsilonNew Mexico State University2002
285Anthony L. LacyTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University2004
286Charles BrittonTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University2005
287Tomas A. CarboTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University2003
289Bradley J. SpringfieldTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University2003
290Mark L. TorresTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University2004
291James B. HannahKappa-MuTennessee Technological University2003
292Benjamin E. NetterMu-ZetaUniversity of North Carolina at Wilmington2004
294Erik G. PetersonBeta-UpsilonNorth Carolina State University2004
295Cesar A. SabillonTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University2006
296Michael P. KernenKappa-PiUniversity of Central Oklahoma2003
297Kevin L. MantlerMu-LambdaUniversity of Calgary2002
299Brian T. CampbellTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University2005
301Russell C. O'LearyKappa-RhoBoise State University2000
302Gabriel J. SenaTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University2005
303Robert J. RanleyXi-BetaNortheastern University2005
304Peter S. AntonellisXi-BetaNortheastern University2000
305Chase M. FleetwoodTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University2005
306Michael D. BookmanEpsilon-BetaUniversity of Miami2005
307Glenn A. CallaghanEpsilon-MuThe University of Tulsa2004
308Steven R. Clarke, Jr.Gamma-LambdaIowa State University2004
309Tyler P. MorrisseyTheta-PsiOklahoma City University2006
310Stephen F. Willis, Jr.Xi-LambdaUniversity of Delaware2004
311Adam T. PoeKappa-MuTennessee Technological University2006
312William T. HarrisKappa-MuTennessee Technological University2004
313Jack E. YatesTheta-PsiOklahoma City University2006
314William S. ClausenGamma-OmicronUniversity of Kansas2005
315Paul G. VanaNu-UpsilonWinthrop University2004
316Christopher D. BradyNu-UpsilonWinthrop University2004
317James MoriartyXi-LambdaUniversity of Delaware2004
318James H. LevineXi-LambdaUniversity of Delaware1997
319David C. MorganXi-DeltaThe University of Texas at San Antonio2004
320Victor L. WardOmicron-KappaKennesaw State University2006
321Samuel M. VaseekaranOmicron-KappaKennesaw State University2006
322Kelly S. HagansKappa-RhoBoise State University1997
323Brian V. LawatchKappa-RhoBoise State University2005
324Kyle W. WashingtonAlpha-KappaCornell University2006
325David I. BindelNu-OmicronThe University of Texas at Dallas2006
326Lee A. WongXi-DeltaThe University of Texas at San Antonio2003
327Tyson G. JaquezNu-EpsilonNew Mexico State University2003
328Matthew L. BauerXi-EtaChristian Brothers University2005
329Jeremy S. HughesXi-RhoStockton University2004
330Jeffrey T. KucirekEpsilon-MuThe University of Tulsa2006
331Derek L. MarchmanLambda-XiGeorgia College and State University1985
332Robert J. WachterTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University2007
333Timothy R. HuckebyKappa-PiUniversity of Central Oklahoma2006
334Steven C. GoodmanKappa-MuTennessee Technological University2007
335Ivan RangelEpsilon-XiThe University of Texas at El Paso2004
336Daniel R. HaneyLambda-IotaLyon College2005
337Matthew D. SchillingAlpha-SigmaThe Ohio State University2004
338Olin J. EllsworthTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University2007
339Mark E. AragonTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University2007
340Harry N. EpplyMu-EpsilonLinfield College2006
341Gregory S. HuntBeta-UpsilonNorth Carolina State University1979
342Hogan M. MeyerKappa-AlphaUniversity of Nevada, Las Vegas2007
343Dustin P. WrightOmicron-OmegaCalifornia State University, Stanislaus2007
344Vincent M. MontaliEpsilon-BetaUniversity of Miami2007
345Michael P. FritzBeta-MuUniversity of Minnesota-Twin Cities2006
346Marcus A. LyonsKappa-RhoBoise State University2006
347Jeffrey R. HatkeXi-XiMarquette University2007
348Joseph J. OndaXi-IotaColumbus State University2007
349Zachary T. GravesTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University2006
350Nicholas C. PoppeGamma-TauUniversity of Colorado Boulder2007
351William E. VanceBeta-ThetaIndiana University2008
352Matthew K. ParhamTheta-RhoMcNeese State University2006
353William A. Craig, IIIKappa-MuTennessee Technological University2006
354Jon G. StephensonEpsilon-ChiUniversity of Louisiana at Lafayette2007
356Peter MonahanOmicron-EpsilonAdelphi University2006
358Jesse S. McClainOmicron-PsiBloomsburg University Of Pennsylvania2007
359James O. SaglOmicron-PsiBloomsburg University Of Pennsylvania2007
361Joshua D. SevierTheta PrimeCumberland University2007
362Spencer B. RibaOmicron-GammaArkansas Tech University2006
363Jonathan HensleyBeta-GammaUniversity of Missouri2001
364Matthew H. MercilOmicron-EtaNova Southeastern University2006
365Hernan RicoOmicron-EtaNova Southeastern University2005
366Jacob D. HavardXi-EtaChristian Brothers University2005
367Alexander I. SomerRho-TauQueens College2006
368Eric D. LewisNu-OmicronThe University of Texas at Dallas2008
369David L. WilsonTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University2003
370Jason L. AndersonXi-SigmaWestern Carolina University2001
371Ricky T. TrotmanNuCollege of William and Mary2006
372Rob C. QuatelaOmicron-KappaKennesaw State University2008
373Jeffory R. ElliottPi-XiColorado State University2008
374Christopher J. Hopkins, Jr.Beta-UpsilonNorth Carolina State University2007
375Christopher C. KeoughChiPurdue University2006
376John M. HerreraEpsilon-TauCalifornia State University, Fresno2004
377Adam R. SchoepflinOmicron-EpsilonAdelphi University2006
378Joseph W. WrightOmicron-PsiBloomsburg University Of Pennsylvania2008
379Christopher S. DicksonTheta-RhoMcNeese State University2007
380Jeffrey C. Davis, Jr.BetaThe University of Alabama2008
381Patrick A. LarkinEpsilon-GammaLouisiana Tech University2005
382William R. WilsonNu-KappaUniversity of Central Arkansas2007
383Reid J. HoffPi-ThetaCoastal Carolina University2008
384Kevin P. GabellNu-EpsilonNew Mexico State University2008
385Joseph W. PrattAlpha-EtaThe George Washington University2008
386Brian M. MichelXi-XiMarquette University2008
387Dylan G. BollingerXi-IotaColumbus State University2007
389Ryan S. JacksonTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University2008
390Samuel A. StoneTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University2009
391Colin D. HutchensAlpha-LambdaUniversity of Vermont2007
392Garrett R. AthertonAlpha-EtaThe George Washington University2006
392Matthew DesiletXi-BetaNortheastern University2008
394Joseph N. LukasOmicron-UpsilonTemple University2007
395Elliot J. PalmerAlpha-SigmaThe Ohio State University2008
396Patrick J. KrissekAlpha-SigmaThe Ohio State University2008
397Ross P. EasonEpsilon-ChiUniversity of Louisiana at Lafayette2007
398Luke HardcastleOmicron-EpsilonAdelphi University2006
399Philip F. Di SantoOmicron-EpsilonAdelphi University2009
400Adam C. LiggioTheta-RhoMcNeese State University2009
401Kenneth C. GustTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University2008
402Adrian A. MartinezPi-TauNew Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology2009
404Tyler P. UndereinerKappa-ThetaIndiana University of Pennsylvania2007
406Cameron R. BellTheta-PsiOklahoma City University2008
407Justin M. AguilarTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University2009
408Joseph C. MazelinXi-XiMarquette University2009
409Andrew K. RobillardKappa-DeltaUniversity of South Florida2007
410Keoni K. MonizOmicron-ZetaUniversity of Hawaii2009
411Scott R. TollefsonBeta-PsiUniversity of Washington2007
412Gaven J. BlundonOmicron-PhiWashington College2008
414Christopher W. CartwrightEpsilon-EtaBowling Green State University2008
415Zane C. DaltonTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University2008
416Cedric J. PittmanTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University2009
418Aaron M. GillXi-BetaNortheastern University2008
419Michael G. ScholtenKappa-GammaNorthern Arizona University2009
420Matthew G. CoulterXi-EtaChristian Brothers University2007
421Dre L. LeslieOmicron-RhoUniversity of Michigan-Flint2009
422Jared A. ArnoldOmicron-RhoUniversity of Michigan-Flint2008
423Jack E. DeLorenzoPi-PhiBrooklyn College2009
424Chase A. WrightAlpha-SigmaThe Ohio State University2009
425Steve C. PerkinsKappa-NuUniversity of South Alabama2008
426Alexander T. HautotEpsilon-ChiUniversity of Louisiana at Lafayette2009
427Richard V. Snodgrass, IITheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University2009
428Samuel T. VolkmerTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University2009
429Timothy R. SchoenGamma-PiMassachusetts Institute of Technology2007
430Kenneth J. HellingsXi-RhoStockton University2010
431Max R. BoehBeta-ChiMissouri University of Science and Technology2007
432Austin J. MehnerBeta-ChiMissouri University of Science and Technology2008
433Otha J. Stone, IIIBeta-ChiMissouri University of Science and Technology2008
434Eric W. SmithKappa-AlphaUniversity of Nevada, Las Vegas2007
435Brett A. StortsKappa-MuTennessee Technological University2007
436Mark A. Beaubien, Jr.Theta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University2010
437Nick T. OgamiXi-OmegaIdaho State University2007
438Nathan L. BatesKappa-MuTennessee Technological University2010
439Aaron D. McClanahanBeta-ChiMissouri University of Science and Technology2008
440Joshua J. BoudreauxOmicron-ChiNicholls State University2007
441Stephen S. StraussLambda-PiDelta State University2010
442Oliver A. DarziOmicron-RhoUniversity of Michigan-Flint2009
443Andrew D. FinkOmicron-RhoUniversity of Michigan-Flint2008
444Jason B. MoonXi-ThetaValdosta State University1998
445Patrick T. BellahTheta-PsiOklahoma City University2008
446Joshua T. HendersonXi-PhiUniversity of South Carolina Upstate2003
447Eugene C. EvansPi-OmicronUniversity of Colorado Colorado Springs2009
448Benjamin W. LythgoePi-XiColorado State University2008
449Elliott B. HopperKappa-IotaMiddle Tennessee State University1991
450Benjamin L. RussellOmicron-MuCalifornia State University, Bakersfield2008
451Rene A. RomeroEpsilon-XiThe University of Texas at El Paso2008
452Nathan T. SellersXi-EtaChristian Brothers University2010
453Nicholas J. AugustXi-XiMarquette University2009
454Eduardo ZuritaXi-DeltaThe University of Texas at San Antonio2009
455Christopher P. BentlageEpsilon-EtaBowling Green State University1996
456Gregory P. MorganRho PrimeUniversity of North Georgia2009
457Sean T. HickeyKappa-OmegaUniversity of North Carolina at Charlotte2007
458Chase L. SturdevantTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University2010
459Raymond A. PalkoNu-IotaRowan University1999
460Ryan Y. BroadstoneAlpha-PsiUniversity of Nebraska-Lincoln1998
461Donald C. GardnerTheta-MuNorthwestern State University of Louisiana1992
462Jay F. WrightAlpha-BetaMercer University2001
463Garnett R. Burks, Jr.Delta-ZetaUniversity of New Mexico1954
464Christopher L. AllenEpsilon-MuThe University of Tulsa2010
465Eric W. WeidemannEpsilon-MuThe University of Tulsa2008
466John J. AlettiLambda-EpsilonUniversity of Central Florida2008
467David V. PezzellaKappa-OmegaUniversity of North Carolina at Charlotte2008
468John S. GrahamNu-PhiNortheastern State University2011
469Christopher L. StewartXi-XiMarquette University2010
470Trey E. MathewsOmicron-LambdaSouthern Polytechnic State University2009
471Nathan M. AttallaOmicron-KappaKennesaw State University2009
472Travis J. McAllisterRho-PiYoung Harris College2011
473Wesley D. Wells, Jr.Omicron-IotaArmstrong State University2011
474Tyler D. GuessXi-SigmaWestern Carolina University2010
475Mel N. GrasselTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University2008
476Lincoln D. NoraTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University2011
477Mark A. ZunigaTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University2011
478Stephen C. KleinheiderEpsilon-MuThe University of Tulsa2011
479Ethan D. CybulskiBeta-ThetaIndiana University2009
480Michael J. MontgomeryOmicron-LambdaSouthern Polytechnic State University2010
481Paul J. SobczykEpsilon-MuThe University of Tulsa2011
482Trevor D. CraftsBeta-ThetaIndiana University2010
483Michael D. Preston, Jr.Kappa-EtaWidener University1992
484Andrew W. HennessyBeta-ChiMissouri University of Science and Technology2010
485Anthony M. QuattroneSigmaTulane University1997
486Marko AgbabaAlpha-PhiBucknell University2010
487Christopher W. HollowayRho-PiYoung Harris College2012
488Brandon L. ParrishOmicron-LambdaSouthern Polytechnic State University2010
489Phillip J. GomezTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University2010
491Anthony R. MooreEpsilon-MuThe University of Tulsa2008
492Zachary P. RingleinNu-UpsilonWinthrop University2011
493Steven D. CrocchiKappa-GammaNorthern Arizona University2007
494Matthew T. GibsonOmicron-PhiWashington College2009
495Dominic J. AlvaradoBeta-OmegaColorado College2010
496Ryan P. RowlandLambda-PhiSam Houston State University2010
497Ted J. SherwoodEpsilon-MuThe University of Tulsa2008
498Michael A. AtkinsonGamma-GammaColorado School of Mines2008
499Daren B. HigginbothamOmicron-LambdaSouthern Polytechnic State University2006
500Michael L. TreschittaPsiUniversity of Maine2010
501Robert A. LoweAlpha-ZetaUniversity of Michigan1993
502Chris M. StilesKappa-PiUniversity of Central Oklahoma2009
503Eli D. WeikartEpsilon-RhoKent State University2010
504Thomas J. BordenBeta-PsiUniversity of Washington2009
505Tyler P. BishopAlpha-BetaMercer University2011
506Gabriel F. RodriguezRho-OmicronUniversity of California, Merced2011
507Jesse D. WeylNu-PhiNortheastern State University2010
508Bradley R. HudsonRho PrimeUniversity of North Georgia2010
509Daniel R. FogtTheta-XiTrine University2011
510Emilio C. MondragonNu-EpsilonNew Mexico State University2010
511David C. MaestasNu-EpsilonNew Mexico State University2011
512Alexander R. HaltKappa-OmegaUniversity of North Carolina at Charlotte2011
513Christopher M. DuaneOmicron-PsiBloomsburg University Of Pennsylvania2009
514Conrad J. SwartzEpsilon-RhoKent State University2011
515Steven J. SnowdenXi-XiMarquette University2009
516Timothy R. BrinkmeyerChiPurdue University2008
517Jeffrey A. VigilOmicron-OmegaCalifornia State University, Stanislaus2009
518Seth A. RomeroTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University2011
519Robert M. CarrollOmicron-EpsilonAdelphi University2010
520Jeremy R. ByessOmicron-LambdaSouthern Polytechnic State University2011
521Richard D. BradshawKappa-MuTennessee Technological University2011
522Roosevelt A. Faz, Jr.Xi-DeltaThe University of Texas at San Antonio2010
523Justin R. McNeeseKappa-IotaMiddle Tennessee State University2010
524Brandon Y. LeungGamma-UpsilonRutgers, The State University of New Jersey2011
525Benjamin D. BramhallAlpha-NuWofford College2011
526Jimmy D. Vaughn, Jr.Rho-GammaTexas Woman's University2011
527Scott W. TrenchKappaVanderbilt University2010
528Guilherme M. LimaOmicron-IotaArmstrong State University2012
529Jonathan M. LouieRho-IotaState University of New York at Cortland2012
530Logan J. LanterOmicron-IotaArmstrong State University2011
531Michael A. CooleyBeta-OmegaColorado College2009
532David O'Sullivan-FrostAlpha-LambdaUniversity of Vermont2012
533Donald R. PenaKappa-PhiGeorge Mason University2010
534William B. McCartyOmicron-IotaArmstrong State University2012
535Hunter G. SurlesKappa-MuTennessee Technological University2011
536Darrell A. KilgoreGamma-ThetaUniversity of Idaho1987
537Kirk C. MeyerOmicron-OmegaCalifornia State University, Stanislaus2012
538Nicholas G. HernandezOmicron-OmegaCalifornia State University, Stanislaus2009
539Deron R. MartelTheta PrimeCumberland University2012
540Jonathan D. WebbTheta PrimeCumberland University2012
541Steven C. ZbrozekPi-XiColorado State University2008
542Gabriel A. ArchibequeTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University2011
543Andrew T. FergusonTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University2009
544Lucas J. MillsXi-IotaColumbus State University2008
545Jordan A. YoestingTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University2012
546Zachary L. PerisTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University2012
547Jordan J. WattsTheta-IotaSan Jose State University2011
548Dylan L. AngellTheta-DeltaWillamette University2012
549Jesse D. BrockRho-PiYoung Harris College2011
550Daniel CisnerosSigma-EpsilonHunter College2012
551Travis D. WarwickLambda-ChiCollege of Idaho1991
552Jacob A. JohnsonXi-UpsilonTexas A&M University-Commerce2012
553Jared B. BiunnoSigma-NuBinghamton University-State University of New York2013
554Joseph E. HoganRho-OmegaStevens Institute of Technology2012
555Robert T. SearsAlpha-DeltaPennsylvania State University2011
556Angelo W. SchildhauerXi-UpsilonTexas A&M University-Commerce2012
557Steven TripariNu-GammaPratt Institute2010
558Cameron M. WrightNu-PhiNortheastern State University2011
560Jefferson R. LackeyKappa-MuTennessee Technological University2011
561Brian J. MannasXi-DeltaThe University of Texas at San Antonio2008
563Martin A. WatkinsRho-DeltaCalifornia State University, Northridge2010
564Eric L. JohnstonAlpha-TauGeorgia Institute of Technology2011
565Nicholas E. SandersOmicron-IotaArmstrong State University2012
566Shaun A. BlumOmicron-IotaArmstrong State University2012
567Andrew E. KastnerAlphaEmory University2011
568Ryan J. NovakOmicron-XiUniversity of Lethbridge2011
569Clayton M. CrossAlpha-TauGeorgia Institute of Technology2011
570Mitchell E. GrahamNu-PhiNortheastern State University2012
571Paul J. BrodoXi-RhoStockton University2013
572Jared S. DempseyRho-GammaTexas Woman's University2013
573Patrick J. Corr, Jr.Xi-EpsilonThiel College1997
574Kevin A. BurchNu-OmicronThe University of Texas at Dallas2011
575Nicholas A. BonfiglioTheta-PsiOklahoma City University2009
576Rares N. NeculaOmicron-PiCarleton University2010
577Caleb C. AverySigma-OmicronFurman University2013
578Michael K. HushionEpsilon-RhoKent State University2012
579Troy E. Gibson, Jr.Omicron-PsiBloomsburg University Of Pennsylvania2011
580Mason T. MaidtTheta-PsiOklahoma City University2012
581Robert G. Sheffield, IIIPi-TauNew Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology2012
582Brady D. WiltonEpsilon-MuThe University of Tulsa2012
583Rafael Reyes, IIIDelta-ZetaUniversity of New Mexico2012
584Frank D. LiviaXi-RhoStockton University2012
585Dwane I. TegmanOmicron-ZetaUniversity of Hawaii2011
586Eric D. EichelbergerXi-XiMarquette University2012
588Trevor P. FoleyAlpha-GammaUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign2011
589Joshua D. SimmonsTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University2012
590Brandon J. RokoszTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University2012
591Zachary D. VickRho-PiYoung Harris College2012
592Joshua A. AnoffEtaRandolph-Macon College2011
593Luis F. AcostaPi-GammaJohnson & Wales University-North Miami2013
594Zachari N. BasshamKappa-MuTennessee Technological University2013
595Ronin A. Bennett-Von Der Osten SackenSigma-MuColorado Mesa University2013
596Kristian L. SpencerEtaRandolph-Macon College2012
597Blake P. BurwellBeta-OmicronUniversity of Denver2010
598Skyler G. GehringerGamma-UpsilonRutgers, The State University of New Jersey2013
599Michael C. ToddSigma-ThetaOld Dominion University2012
600Shawn E. King, Jr.Xi-EpsilonThiel College2011
601Gregory T. FrisoliPi-NuRamapo College of New Jersey2012
602Timothy J. LilienthalAlpha-ZetaUniversity of Michigan2012
603Zachary R. LairNu-OmicronThe University of Texas at Dallas2013
604Jonathan T. HensleyTheta-RhoMcNeese State University2012
605Leung T. Lee-WilsonOmicron-ZetaUniversity of Hawaii2007
606Brandon SchwabLambda-EpsilonUniversity of Central Florida2012
607Paul R. RochetteRho-OmegaStevens Institute of Technology2012
608Richard E. SansomPi-TauNew Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology2010
609Matthew A. EichsteadtOmicron-OmegaCalifornia State University, Stanislaus2011
610Charles M. CampbellBeta-ChiMissouri University of Science and Technology2012
611Daniel J. BlairTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University2012
612Mason ThomasTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University2013
614Nicholas Z. BordenTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University2013
615Morgan M. RobertsOmicron-OmegaCalifornia State University, Stanislaus2014
616Joseph D. LutesRho-GammaTexas Woman's University2014
617Ross G. RineerSigma-EtaCentral Michigan University2012
618Brandon K. StaceyXi-UpsilonTexas A&M University-Commerce2004
619Michael S. YaoEpsilon-IotaSan Diego State University2014
620Ben L. AlbertsonGamma-NuWashburn University2014
621John A. GaroffoloEpsilon-MuThe University of Tulsa2014
622Carlos J. WylieRho-ThetaUniversity of New Orleans2010
623Blake M. MasonAlpha-DeltaPennsylvania State University2012
624Aurelio GonzalesTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University2012
625Kevin S. McDonaldTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University2014
626Edgar MunozTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University2013
627Connor R. HamiltonGamma-MuWashington State University2014
628Vincent A. RignolGamma-GammaColorado School of Mines2012
629William P. LynchPi-EtaMissouri Southern State University2008
630Christian A. DiChiaraPi-ZetaJohnson & Wales University-Charlotte2012
631Tyler W. HerringTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University2013
632Alexander G. NeverdouskyTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University2014
633Zachary I. SantosTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University2013
634James C. ThomasTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University2014
635Jashua-Lee M. WalkerOmicron-ZetaUniversity of Hawaii2012
636Jeffrey P. LaytonXi-RhoStockton University2013
637Stephen C. RogersXi-UpsilonTexas A&M University-Commerce2002
638Sean P. SlusarKappa-EtaWidener University2014
639Brendin T. TuptaEpsilon-RhoKent State University2014
640Suraj S. GandhiNu-GammaPratt Institute2006
641Edward S. ByerleyOmicron-KappaKennesaw State University2012
642Alexander H. OlivarezRho-UpsilonUniversity of the Incarnate Word2011
643Duncan S. HicksTheta-PsiOklahoma City University2012
644Mitch DiazTheta-DeltaWillamette University2013
645Steven M. RitchieOmicron-UpsilonTemple University2012
646Ryan D. JaquesKappa-PhiGeorge Mason University2012
647Bryan J. OyolaGamma-UpsilonRutgers, The State University of New Jersey2013
648Kevin C. NarangXi-BetaNortheastern University2012
649Darian G. EnnisXi-EpsilonThiel College2013
650Brandon C. FelloAlpha-DeltaPennsylvania State University2014
651Christopher N. OkonmahGamma-UpsilonRutgers, The State University of New Jersey2014
652Matthew A. BarrancoKappa-MuTennessee Technological University2012
653Joseph J. LouisPi-GammaJohnson & Wales University-North Miami2013
654Lane A. SegerSigma-MuColorado Mesa University2014
655Andrew P. YoungGamma-KappaThe University of Oklahoma2012
656Brandon J. KwakXi-XiMarquette University2014
657Hunter C. CumminsTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University2012
658Jonathan E. BenjaminEpsilon-RhoKent State University2014
659Bradley J. WilkersonOmicron-OmegaCalifornia State University, Stanislaus2013
660Garrett L. BabcockTheta-NuAshland University2013
661Elbert D. Foster, Jr.Sigma-KappaGrand Valley State University2014
663John P. NiesenAlpha-BetaMercer University2012
664Alexander T. LongwellEpsilon-RhoKent State University2014
665Robert S. Wrinkle, IIILambdaThe University of Tennessee, Knoxville2012
666Jonathan "Buck" ElkinsTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University2014
667Michael A. Vasquez, Jr.Xi-OmegaIdaho State University2013
668Ryan V. HarrisTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University2012
669Jackson B. TroxelTau-ZetaArkansas State University2014
670Joseph G. McCorkleRho-PiYoung Harris College2016
671Casey L. ChavezTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University2015
672Andrew D. MooreTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University2013
673Fernando SerranoRho-PiYoung Harris College2012
674Caleb E. HayesRho-IotaState University of New York at Cortland2016
675Alex P. RemiticadoNu-AlphaCalifornia Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo2015
676Zameer MasjedeeOmicron-PiCarleton University2012
677Jake I. VitrofskyGamma-DeltaUniversity of Massachusetts Amherst2011
678James H. KoewlerChiPurdue University2014
679Bartek SzymanskiTau-DeltaPace University2015
680Aaron M. FingerTheta-EpsilonPortland State University2014
681Robert M. MonfortXi-IotaColumbus State University2013
682Tyler J. WhiteAlpha-DeltaPennsylvania State University2015
683James T. DelRociniXi-RhoStockton University2015
684Samuel B. IsidoroXi-RhoStockton University2016
685Hunter A. RameyTau-ZetaArkansas State University2014
686Ryan S. RigerDelta-PsiMichigan State University2016
687Brandon H. BuiNu-OmicronThe University of Texas at Dallas2013
688Richard P. BrumleyXi-UpsilonTexas A&M University-Commerce2014
689Max B. ThompsonTheta-DeltaWillamette University2015
690Kyle M. EnglandKappa-MuTennessee Technological University2013
691John C. EllisDelta-AlphaCarnegie Mellon University2011
692Drew E. HunnicuttLambda-PhiSam Houston State University2010
693Riley R. DaggettTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University2015
694Steven MorinNu-GammaPratt Institute2014
695Colton M. StewartTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University2014
696Juan G. MejiaPi-GammaJohnson & Wales University-North Miami2015
697Harpreet SinghKappa-PhiGeorge Mason University2016
698Brandon R. NoggleEpsilon-ThetaUniversity of California, Santa Barbara2015
699Steven L. RomoEpsilon-RhoKent State University2014
700Wesley J. MasonTheta PrimeCumberland University2014
701Michael MorrisOmicron-OmegaCalifornia State University, Stanislaus2016
702Trevor BailonRho-OmicronUniversity of California, Merced2015
703Jacob T. WardAlpha-DeltaPennsylvania State University2015
704Kyubin LeeEpsilon-EpsilonThe University of British Columbia2014
705Matthew P. MarraEpsilon-MuThe University of Tulsa2015
706Ryan E. LeCroneNu-PhiNortheastern State University2016
707Sawyer I. ColemanRho-OmegaStevens Institute of Technology2014
708Joshua R. AlexanderTau-XiBethel University2015
709Bora GunerEta PrimeDurham, NC2014
710Daniel T. BeckhamLambda-NuAppalachian State University1995
711Anthony J. McMahonPi-OmegaSacred Heart University2009
712Gregory P. LewinAlpha-EtaThe George Washington University2008
713Casey R. ChalifourPi-OmicronUniversity of Colorado Colorado Springs2010
714Christopher D. DeSantiOmicron-SigmaSlippery Rock University of Pennsylvania2014
715Michael J. UngTau-GammaUniversity of Nevada, Reno2016
716Erik O. SpangbergTheta-DeltaWillamette University2015
717Zachary C. WalkerSigma-KappaGrand Valley State University2016
718Daniel J. StohlinOmicron-RhoUniversity of Michigan-Flint2013
719Sergio A. UvalleTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University2015
720L. AlvidrezTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University
721Jared BachmanTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University2014
722Jorge A. OrtizTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University2016
723Kevin W. HooverTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University2011
724Kyle A. MilgramNu-AlphaCalifornia Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo2016
725Jesus H. CastilloTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University2017
726Dominic J. DeeleyTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University2013
727Brandon J. GrantKappa-AlphaUniversity of Nevada, Las Vegas2016
728Stephen T. SamuelEpsilon-GammaLouisiana Tech University2015
729Brandon D. BoundsEpsilon-RhoKent State University2016
730Brian A. FredriksonKappa-PhiGeorge Mason University2017
731Joseph CiraoloOmicron-PsiBloomsburg University Of Pennsylvania2014
732A. MartinezTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University
733Brett J. WarrickAlpha-KappaCornell University1998
734Robert W. Abercrombie, Jr.Kappa-MuTennessee Technological University2017
735Alexandro Perez-TovarRho-OmicronUniversity of California, Merced2011
736Spencer CordovaOmicron-MuCalifornia State University, Bakersfield2016
737E. BreedloveNu-PhiNortheastern State University
738Cole Byron LeGrangeOmicron-ChiNicholls State University2016
739Noah HembreePi-EtaMissouri Southern State University2016
740Edward P. NewellTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University2018
741Nicholas C. LavigneRho-OmegaStevens Institute of Technology2018
742Sean M. McLaughlinTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University2017
743Alejandro J. TorresTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University2016
744David L. VazquezTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University2017
745Robert K. SomersXi-RhoStockton University2017
746Edward D. ValdezRho-OmegaStevens Institute of Technology2018
747Travis L. MannRho-ZetaFlorida Gulf Coast University2010
748Logan H. KrickLambda-PiDelta State University2018
749Christian J. CalpitoOmicron-PiCarleton University2016
750Sean R. GabaldonTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University2017
751Felix S. HernandezTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University2018
752Daniel J. RosenbergerRho-OmegaStevens Institute of Technology2017
753Chandler M. BengocheaXi-OmegaIdaho State University2016
754Joshua J. FritzTheta-OmegaThe University of Texas at Arlington2018
755Clay A. EnderezTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University2017
756Harrison W. IvinsAlpha-BetaMercer University2018
757Michael R. GardnerTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University2018
758Jeremiah J. ThomasUpsilon-MuCity College of New York2018
759Adham AhmedUpsilon-MuCity College of New York2018
760Pablo A. ArmijoTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University2017
761Kyle Tan-KyiGamma-ZetaNew York University2017
762Christopher D. SanchezKappa-AlphaUniversity of Nevada, Las Vegas2018
763Blake R. AhrensTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University2016
764Jack C. LarsonGamma-SigmaOregon State University2018
765Minh N. MatherNu-OmicronThe University of Texas at Dallas2018
766Blake A. LemmonsTheta-PsiOklahoma City University2015
767Dustin J. RobertsTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University2018
768Jack T. NevinsOmicron-PhiWashington College2016
769Cody L. SnyderKappa-MuTennessee Technological University2017
770Michael P. WolfrumTheta-NuAshland University2016
771Bailey O. PuckettTheta-ZetaEastern New Mexico University2018

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