Why become involved as a volunteer alumnus with a Kappa Sigma Chapter?
Time and time again, today’s undergraduates state that involvement from their alumni is the single most important contributor to their success as students, Brothers and leaders in life. Simply put, the Kappa Sigma experience is enriched many times over through the involvement of volunteer alumni. Whether serving as an Alumnus Advisor, District Grand Master or simply stopping by a chapter’s meetings once in a while, this portrays to undergraduate Brothers how much the Fraternity has meant to you. It also makes known how much you support their efforts in the pursuit of excellence.

What are the requirements to volunteer?
Simply, that you can be a good role-model, can lead by example and relate well with students at the college level.

How much time does it take?
Kappa Sigma believes that there is an opportunity for every alumnus to become involved with today’s undergraduates. Whether you have five hours per semester, or five hours per week, rest assured that the undergraduate Brothers will benefit from knowing that you care enough to take an interest in their success.

What areas of chapter operations are available to work with?
You can work with the Chapter’s Grand Master on leadership development, with the Grand Master of Ceremonies on membership development and team building, the Grand Treasurer on fundraising and finance, or the Community Service Chairman on philanthropy.