Kappa Sigma does Brotherhood better than any other organization on the planet, and Brothers in Action is a Brotherhood program unlike any other.  Brothers in Action reminds us all that Brotherhood is a cornerstone of life as a Kappa Sigma, and while we have a number of priorities throughout our college careers, we should always remember to take time to be Brothers.

Brothers in Action for Pledges (BIA for Pledges) is Kappa Sigma’s guide to preparing college men for life as a Kappa Sigma. The BIA for Pledges program teaches our Pledges everything that they need to know about Kappa Sigma’s history, values, and traditions over the course of 8 weeks (Kappa Sigma requires Pledges to be Initiated within 60 days). Undergraduate leaders and alumni volunteers work together to facilitate the BIA for Pledges program, and prepare each Pledge for Initiation and a life-long journey as a Kappa Sigma.

Our Program

The BIA for Pledges Program serves as a guide for the 60-day Pledge period, teaching young men the most important aspects of Kappa Sigma’s history, traditions, values, and operations. Each week, Pledges will learn from undergraduate and alumni Brothers about an important aspect of life as a Kappa Sigma. Key teachings include:

  • The roots of Kappa Sigma’s founding, and the importance Fellowship
  • The importance of Leadership, and ways for Brothers to be involved in their Chapter
  • Scholarship and academic success tips
  • Our commitment to Service, through A Greater Cause and Military Heroes
  • Kappa Sigma’s Code of Conduct and ethical decision-making
  • Chapter operations, including Risk Management techniques
  • How to be My Brother’s Keeper and support your Brothers
  • Campus safety, sexual assault awareness, and resources for mental health (Chapters typically partner with a college or university professional to lead these discussions)

By the end of the BIA for Pledges program, each Pledge will have the knowledge and skills they need for Initiation into Kappa Sigma; and each newly-Initiated Brother will be expected to actively contribute to the success of their Chapter, and serve as a leader and mentor for the next generation of Kappa Sigmas.

The Mountain Weekend

A successful Brothers in Action event should be one that allows Brothers to put aside the stress and responsibilities of college life, and come together to spend time as Brothers. Collectively, Brothers should celebrate the successes of their Chapter, and also take time to appreciate the gift of Kappa Sigma Brotherhood. One such event is the Mountain Weekend, which began with the Rho-Omega Chapter (Stevens Institute of Technology), and has expanded to other Chapters in the New Jersey area, including Xi-Rho (Stockton University) and Upsilon-Xi (Rutgers University – Newark). The event is simple: the Brothers head to a cabin in the Poconos (a mountainous area in northern Pennsylvania) for a weekend of fellowship. This has quickly become an event that all of the Brothers look forward to each year.

“May we not rest contentedly until the Star and Crescent is the pride of every college and university in the land!”

– Stephen Alonzo Jackson


Sometimes the best Brothers in Action events are the simple ones that let us put aside school work for a few hours, and venture out for a dinner or to learn something new with other Brothers. The Xi-Beta Chapter (Northeastern University) has found success in a number of different workshops or class-type events that teach the Brothers something new. This can be as simple as having an alumnus speak about finances or career advice; or something more challenging like learning mixed martial arts at a UFC GYM. Even simpler, Brothers at Xi-Beta always look forward to an all-you-can-eat sushi night at Yamato (a local Japanese restaurant in Boston). The best events are often the ones that just let you hang out and be Brothers.


Open Book

BIA Manual

The BIA for Pledges Manual has several versions depending on the policies at your University.