Starting a new fraternity chapter is an exciting and rewarding experience. Being a Founding Father of a Kappa Sigma chapter, while requiring a significant amount of dedication and time, also affords you the opportunity to start a great tradition of excellence on your campus. This offers a unique opportunity for those who join these colonies. It allows you to join a new colony that already has a history on your campus but also gives you the chance to write your own history as a Founding Father of a Kappa Sigma chapter.

Below are the campuses that Kappa Sigma will be expanding to in the 2016-2017 academic year.


col·o·ny  \ˈkä-lə-nē\  noun, plural: colonies

The term used to describe a “pledge group” prior to initiation and installation as a chapter of Kappa Sigma.


University of North Texas

University of Northern Colorado





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