The U. S. Senator John G. Tower Distinguished Alumni Award

Established in 1995, this award honors “Kappa Sigma Brothers who have shown a commitment to their business, family, church, philanthropy and community activities.” It is named for John G. Tower, former U. S. Senator from Texas who served on the Supreme Executive Committee for six years and was Worthy Grand Master from 1971-73. This prestigious award is considered one of the highest honors alumni can receive within the national fraternity.


Nicholas E. Snowberger (Theta-Zeta, Eastern New Mexico University, 2001)

Lyle R. Stevens (Xi-Beta, Northeastern University, 2005)

Eric C. Mattoon (Beta-Psi, University of Washington, 1982)


Jeffrey J. Frane (Delta-Mu, University of North Dakota, 1983)

Rex L. Meade (Theta-Pi, East Carolina University, 1967)

Tull E. Bailey (Theta, Texas Christian University, 1979)


Christopher J. Smith (Omicron-Phi, Washington College, 2007)

J. Denny Bartell (Gamma-Kappa, The University of Oklahoma, 2002)

Casey M. Beathard (Lambda-Lambda, Elon University, 1986)

James M. Herter (Kappa-Beta, Indiana State University, 1979)

Jason D. Bothwell (Theta-Zeta, Eastern New Mexico University, 1993)


R. Robert Noland (Theta-Rho, McNeese State University, 1972)

Lt. General Michael D. Lundy (Theta-Rho, McNeese State University, 1982)


Richard F. Hudson (Epsilon-Mu, The University of Tulsa, 1952)

Charles B. Larson (Alpha-Gamma, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 1952)

Wifredo A. Ferrer (Epsilon-Beta, University of Miami, 1986)

Tony D. Hernandez (Epsilon-Beta, University of Miami,  1994)

Kevin L. Faulconer (Epsilon-Iota, San Diego State University, 1988)

Bert B. Beveridge (Tau, The University of Texas at Austin, 1981)


Edmund H. Burke (Beta-Beta, University of Richmond, 1976)

Edward W. Colello (Gamma-Delta, University of Massachusetts Amherst, 1973)

Roger D. Walton (Theta-Omega, The University of Texas at Arlington, 1969)

Gregory S. Lashutka (Alpha-Sigma, The Ohio State University, 1964)

Joseph P. Imel (Theta-Theta, Western Kentucky University, 1985)


Stanley E. Horowitz (Epsilon-Iota, San Diego State University, 1978)

Jeffrey S. McKenzie (Xi-Lambda, University of Delaware, 1997)

James B. Leonard (Beta-Upsilon, North Carolina State University, 1972)

Richard H. Stewart (Kappa-Zeta, Georgia Southern University, 1969)

Allen L. Shiver (Kappa-Zeta, Georgia Southern University, 1975)

Jeremy Fitzl (Delta-Eta, University of Southern California, 1993)

Blanding U. Jones (Alpha-Nu, Wofford College, 1989)


Russell A. Rockwell (Beta-Upsilon, North Carolina State University, 1968)

Nathaniel E. Laster (Theta-Pi, East Carolina University, 1976)

Richard J. Brennan, Jr. (Gamma, Louisiana State University, 1980)

John P. Havens (Gamma, Louisiana State University, 1975)

John H. Dalton (Gamma, Louisiana State University, 1960)

Richard J. Alario (Gamma, Louisiana State University, 1973)

Robert Hurt (Upsilon, Hampden-Sydney College, 1989)

Terry W. Ruggles (Alpha-Sigma, The Ohio State University, 1965)

Bradford E. Billet (Beta-Sigma, Washington University in St. Louis, 1986)

David I. Pauker (Alpha-Kappa, Cornell University, 1978)

John R. Boh (Sigma, Tulane University, 1949)

Vernon D. Penner (Delta-Tau, Union College, 1961)

Spiros W. Angelos, Esq. (Kappa-Eta, Widener University, 1969)

Buford C. Blount, III (Epsilon-Nu, University of Southern Mississippi, 1967)

Francis J. Cellini (Kappa-Eta, Widener University, 1977)

Gary W. Evans (Lambda-Lambda, Elon University, 1973)


Thomas G. Torrance (Lambda-Xi, Georgia College and State University, 1976)

Samuel P. Mobley (Lambda-Xi, Georgia College and State University, 1982)

Daniel G. Crockett (Epsilon-Psi, The University of Memphis Lambuth, 1987)


Charles K. Shaheen, III (Kappa-Zeta, Georgia Southern University, 1984)

Peter C. Marks (Beta-Pi, Dickinson College, 1970)

McRae F. Williams (Epsilon-Omega, Georgia State University, 1968)


William E. Gortney, USN (Lambda-Lambda, Elon University, 1974)

Michael G. Sasser (Kappa-Zeta, Georgia Southern University, 1974)

Stephan L. Penley (Beta-Lambda, University of Georgia, 1984)

Randall P. Smith (Lambda-Xi, Georgia College and State University, 1974)

Kenneth A. Vance, Jr. (Lambda-Xi, Georgia College and State University, 1977)

Douglas C. Pullen (Alpha-Beta, Mercer University, 1964)

Todd S. Hopkins (Lambda-Phi, Sam Houston State University, 1996)

George A. Alcorn, Jr. (Tau, The University of Texas at Austin, 1953)


John J. Burdin, Jr. (Gamma, Louisiana State University, 1961)

Willard W. Pardue, Jr. (Theta-Rho, McNeese State University, 1972)

William R. Fleischer (Mu-Eta, University of Louisville, 1987)

William L. Burns, Jr. (Beta-Upsilon, North Carolina State University, 1947)

Walter G. Davis (Beta-Upsilon, North Carolina State University, 1968)

Donald J. Degabrielle, Jr. (Theta-Rho, McNeese State University, 1972)

John L. English (Beta-Upsilon, North Carolina State University, 1976)

D. Edwin Rose (Beta-Upsilon, North Carolina State University, 1978)

Bertram H. Jones (Gamma, Louisiana State University, 1970)

Jerry L. Stovall (Gamma, Louisiana State University, 1993)

Kirby R. Moore (Beta-Lambda, University of Georgia, 1965)

Norman K. Lawrence (Beta-Lambda, University of Georgia, 1967)

Kenneth G. Lawrence (Alpha-Kappa, Cornell University, 1966)


Vincente C. Sanchez (Epsilon-Chi, University of Louisiana at Lafayette, 1970)

Alan T. Dickson (Beta-Upsilon, North Carolina State University, 1950)


John A. Budagher (Delta-Zeta Colony, University of New Mexico, 1965)

Byrum W. Teekell (Epsilon, Centenary College of Louisiana, 1946)

Howard H. Hyle (Nu, College of William and Mary, 1943)

Gary D. Forsee (Beta-Chi, Missouri University of Science and Technology, 1969)

Chad J. Cutcliff (Kappa-Eta, Widener University, 1992)

Miron H. Allen, Jr. (Kappa-Zeta, Georgia Southern University, 1970)

Michael A. Chaney (Lambda-Zeta, Virginia Commonwealth University, 1978)

Stephen D. Rogers (Epsilon-Mu, The University of Tulsa, 1970)

Steven C. Beering (Chi, Purdue University, 1985)

William S. Wall (Lambda-Upsilon, Emporia State University, 1986)

Elemore M. Morgan, Jr. (Gamma, Louisiana State University, 1949)

Joseph C. Merrill (Iota, Southwestern University, 1956)

James D. Loftin, Sr. (Beta, The University of Alabama, 1955)


James F. De Berry (Alpha-Nu, Wofford College, 1957)

Evan L. Davis (Gamma-Chi, Kansas State University, 1932)

Kenneth W. Mahon (Epsilon-Epsilon, The University of British Columbia, 1956)

Donald W. Harris (Gamma-Rho, University of Arizona, 1959)

Harold J. Rowland (Beta-Psi, University of Washington, 1941)

Robert J. Hoffmann (Beta-Chi, Missouri University of Science and Technology, 1978)

Paul E. Boaden (Theta-Delta, Willamette University, 1974)

Robert W. Patridge (Theta-Delta, Willamette University, 1987)

Sam S. Reed (Gamma-Mu, Washington State University, 1960)

Joseph D. Wardy, Jr. (Epsilon-Xi, The University of Texas at El Paso, 1973)

Nicholas S. Hagen (Rho, Arizona State University, 1963)

Charles C. Lockwood (Gamma, Louisiana State University, 1968)

Steven C. Funk, DDS (Chi, Purdue University, 1969)

Stephen A. Melton (Kappa-Zeta, Georgia Southern University, 1969)

Gene M. Gomes (Epsilon-Tau, California State University, Fresno, 1967)

Thomas P. Bond, Jr. (Kappa-Zeta, Georgia Southern University, 1970)

Alden T. Small (Eta Prime, Duke University, 1962)

Karl G. Hudson, Jr. (Delta, Davidson College, 1937)

James R. Cocke (Tau, The University of Texas at Austin, 1949)

Kenneth W. Towery (Beta-Nu, University of Kentucky, 1956)

Francis C. McCains, Jr. (Eta Prime, Duke University, 1967)

Ronald A. Kolar (Delta-Eta, University of Southern California, 1956)


Frank A. Baker (Epsilon-Nu, University of Southern Mississippi, 1996)

Albert E. Sanders (Iota, Southwestern University, 1951)

Paul L. Geyer (Epsilon-Epsilon, The University of British Columbia, 1984)

Richard H. Moore (Delta-Omega, Wake Forest University, 1979)

Alva R. Sullivan (Beta-Nu, University of Kentucky, 1957)

Robert A. Holloway (Omega, Sewanee: The University of the South, 1933)

Michael S. Colo (Alpha-Mu, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 1964)

Walter B. Etling, Jr. (Epsilon-Beta, University of Miami, 1944)

Todd R. Wagner (Beta-Theta, Indiana University, 1980)

James E. Maurin (Gamma, Louisiana State University, 1967)

John R. Scarbrough (Epsilon-Omega, Georgia State University, 1970)

John K. Sorensen (Alpha-Psi, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 1967)

George E. Perdue (Beta-Lambda, University of Georgia, 1966)

Michael L. Eskew (Chi, Purdue University, 1968)

Peter Wheeler (Beta-Lambda, University of Georgia, 1942)

Raymond J. Martin (Epsilon-Alpha, University of Alberta, 1961)

Thomas R. Brett (Gamma-Kappa, The University of Oklahoma, 1950)

Charles U. Pickrell, Jr. (Gamma-Rho, University of Arizona, 1940)

Michael E. Lowry (Gamma-Mu, Washington State University, 1958)

Gerald E. Eickhoff  (Epsilon-Omega, Georgia State University, 1966)

Randy L. Ewing (Gamma, Louisiana State University, 1963)


Chester E. Cadieux, III (Epsilon-Mu, The University of Tulsa, 1987)

Lawrence E. Johnson (Beta-Psi, University of Washington, 1944)

Ralph E. Stevens, Jr. (Delta-Delta, University of Florida, 1950)

Daniel C. Walsh, Jr. (Theta-Mu, Northwestern State University of Louisiana, 1966)

Richard F. Haskayne (Epsilon-Alpha, University of Alberta, 1955)

John S. Zeilinger (Alpha-Psi, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 1961)

Roger H. Ogden (Gamma, Louisiana State University, 1965)

Howard B. Johnson, Jr. (Gamma-Mu, Washington State University, 1956)


Reef C. Ivey, II (Beta-Upsilon, North Carolina State University, 1962)

Daniel J. Holliday (Gamma, Louisiana State University, 1959)

William D. Brannin (Delta-Zeta, University of New Mexico, 1985)

Stewart K. Cayton (Theta-Rho, McNeese State University, 1966)

Edwin G. Wilson, Sr. (Delta-Omega, Wake Forest University, 1941)

J.Kenneth Durham (Alpha-Beta, Mercer University, 1978)

James W. Stuckert (Beta-Nu, University of Kentucky, 1956)

Robert M. Johnson (Gamma-Psi, Oklahoma State University, 1961)

M. Rex Teaney, II (Alpha-Mu, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 1962)

Martin D. Zlotnik (Epsilon-Epsilon, The University of British Columbia, 1963)

Donald L. House (Alpha-Tau, Georgia Institute of Technology, 1961)

Wallis W. Friel (Gamma-Mu, Washington State University, 1950)

Larry L. Foster (Kappa-Pi, University of Central Oklahoma, 1970)

Robert L. Weir (Epsilon-Iota, San Diego State University, 1961)

Dale F. Morrison (Delta-Mu, University of North Dakota, 1968)

William A. Marbury, Jr. (Epsilon-Gamma, Louisiana Tech University, 1942)

Frank C. Hibben (Delta-Zeta, University of New Mexico, 1936)

Lionel L. de la Houssaye, DDS (Gamma, Louisiana State University, 1959)

Wesley A. Pittack (Alpha-Psi, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 1956)

Roger M. Johnson (Gamma-Mu, Washington State University, 1964)


Ronald L. Luebke (Beta-Epsilon, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1951)

Norman B. Keevil (Delta-Epsilon, University of Toronto, 1956)

Randy L. Whitfield (Lambda-Xi, Georgia College and State University, 1974)

Frederick E. Tatum, MD (Alpha-Upsilon, Millsaps College, 1940)

James A. Thatcher (Gamma-Omicron, University of Kansas, 1985)

Cary E. Vaughn (Epsilon-Psi, The University of Memphis Lambuth, 1991)

Nicholas P. Valeriani, USMC (Ret) (Epsilon-Beta, University of Miami, 1950)

Jerry E. Fork (Epsilon-Eta, Bowling Green State University, 1990)

James F. Dixon (Epsilon-Epsilon, The University of British Columbia, 1967)

Milton J. Womack (Gamma, Louisiana State University, 1949)

John C. Barnhart (Alpha-Psi, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 1949)

Joseph B. Emison, Jr. (Lambda, The University of Tennessee, Knoxville, 1956)


Charles J. Faris (Beta-Theta, Indiana University, 1938)

John H. Meldrum, Jr. (Epsilon, Centenary College of Louisiana, 1971)

Thomas L. Wiper, Jr. (Rho, Arizona State University, 1964)

John H. Wilson, Jr. (Alpha-Zeta, University of Michigan, 1980)

William J. Baxley (Beta, The University of Alabama, 1959)

Alan R. Mulally (Gamma-Omicron, University of Kansas, 1964)

Robert D. Thompson, III (Epsilon-Phi, Texas Tech University, 1965)

Patrick M. Murphy, Sr. (Gamma-Rho, University of Arizona, 1965)

Kevin S. Kaplan (Theta-Zeta, Eastern New Mexico University, 1982)

Paul E. Patton (Beta-Nu, University of Kentucky, 1956)

Byron L. Anderson (Chi, Purdue University, 1945)


Robert A. Dobson, III (Chi-Omega, University of South Carolina, 1957)

Harold E. Carr (Beta-Psi, University of Washington, 1952)

Thomas A. Shannon (Beta-Epsilon, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1953)

Russel L. Wiener (Phi, Rhodes College, 1939)

Russell W. Bergman (Gamma, Louisiana State University, 1968)

Harry M. Blumer (Gamma-Psi, Oklahoma State University, 1949)

Wallace W. Baumann (Lambda, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, 1943)

John P. Laborde (Gamma, Louisiana State University, 1942)

James V. Johnson (Alpha-Mu, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 1941)

Harold K. Cady (Alpha-Chi, Lake Forest College, 1933)

Beverly T. Fitzpatrick (Mu, Washington and Lee University, 1940)

Charles C. Wood, CPCU (Gamma-Kappa, The University of Oklahoma, 1955)

Charles M. Moffat (Lambda-Epsilon, University of Central Florida, 1980)

Jim A. Payne (Epsilon-Nu, University of Southern Mississippi, 1961)


John A. Seeger (Epsilon-Xi, The University of Texas, El Paso, 1952)

Terrell Tebbetts (Lambda-Iota, Lyon College, 1974)

Lloyd B. Hanahan (Gamma-Omicron, University of Kansas, 1956)

Thomas W. Keating (Gamma-Rho, University of Arizona, 1962)

Richard A. Burch (Beta, The University of Alabama, 1975)

Stephen D. Sabol (Beta-Omega, Colorado College, 1961)

Robert D. Steadward (Epsilon-Alpha, University of Alberta, 1967)

Robert B. Betz (Epsilon-Psi, The University of Memphis Lambuth, 1971)

John A. Voelpel, III (Lambda-Epsilon, University of Central Florida, 1971)

Donald P. Corbin (Beta-Chi, Missouri University of Science and Technology, 1980)

Ronald G. Bruno (Beta, The University of Alabama, 1972)

James R. Donnella (Lambda-Tau, Baylor University, 1982)

James T. Morris (Beta-Theta, Indiana University, 1962)

Lyman R. Patterson (Alpha-Beta, Mercer University, 1956)

Edward V. Smith, III (Epsilon-Upsilon, University of North Texas, 1957)

William P. Shehee, Jr. (Epsilon, Centenary College of Louisiana, 1939)

Pierson M. Grieve, Jr. (Epsilon-Delta, Northwestern University, 1948)

Robert S. Greer (Gamma, Louisiana State University, 1940)

Gerald L. Gamble (Gamma-Kappa, The University of Oklahoma, 1960)

Elmer C. Brown (Delta-Kappa, Ohio Wesleyan University, 1940)

Stanley W. Cottrell, Jr. (Theta-Theta, Western Kentucky University, 1965)

Robert W. Thorpe (Alpha-Psi, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 1961)