Kappa Sigma’s pledge education process involves cultivating the new member with the basic knowledge necessary to understand the fraternity’s history, founding, growth, leadership structure, and responsibility within the Greek community as a whole.

On a more personal level, the pledge program cultivates time management and personal development skills which become critical throughout college and beyond. In addition, emphasis is placed on the importance of responsibility to one’s self in terms of academic, fraternal and community obligations.

Financial Obligation

During the pledge period, there are two necessary fees that must be paid to the Headquarters in Charlottesville, Virginia.

1. $45 pledging fee – one time fee due prior to the pledging ceremony
2. $150 initiation fee – one time fee due prior to the initiation ceremony

All other fees and dues are determined by the local chapter, consistent with chapter operations, general liability insurance rates, undergraduate dues and conference fees. Never should a student be pledged or initiated into Kappa Sigma without the above fees being paid prior to the ceremony.

Scholastic Obligation

The minimum GPA for pledging and initiation is determined by the Chapter and the host institution. All scholarship questions can be directed to the Scholarship Chairman of the chapter.

Fellowship, Leadership, Service Obligations

These three obligations all vary based on each chapter’s pledging program. Nonetheless, expect to be immediately involved with community service projects with the chapter brothers, campus organizations and leadership programming, and countless brotherhood and teamwork building activities.  The pledge process is 60 days or less at all chapters.

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The Creed of a Kappa Sigma

One of the first aspects a new member sees and hears upon joining Kappa Sigma is the Star and Crescent. This creed is the spoken motto of all Kappa Sigma men and its words reflect the ideals of the fraternity. Here is the Star and Crescent as found in the Bononia Docet; the history book all pledges receive.

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