Please note that The Caduceus is printed twice per year, and an eCaduceus is sent via email twice per year. Content received after the due dates listed will be published in the following issue of the Caduceus (ex: content received on November 5 will be held for Spring issue). Please review the guidelines below before submitting.

Summer / Fall – May 1
Winter / Spring – November 1

Submission Guidelines:

– All content must be written in 3rd Person (no use of 1st person such as “I” or “We”)

– First name, middle initial, last name and initiation year should be included for all Brothers referenced in your submission (ex: William G. McCormick (’69) or William G. McCormick (Zeta, University of Virginia, ’69), the latter used when referring to a Brother not affiliated with the Chapter being written about)

– When using a Chapter’s Greek Letter designation, please include a hyphen (–) between the two Greek words (ex: Xi Beta should be Xi-Beta)

– Pictures should be high resolution and should not contain alcohol or questionable material

– All content submissions should use one space between sentences (not two spaces)