iPledge Standard

iPledge is a revolutionary, new standard that is focused on volunteer and alumnus development. Launched in 2019, iPledge works to provide a road map to ongoing alumnus involvement in Kappa Sigma Fraternity. Brothers who sign the iPledge Commitment Contract are pledging themselves to:

  • Follow Kappa Sigma on all social media platforms.
  • Pay their Alumni Dues.
  • Mentor an undergraduate.
  • Become a Kappa Sigma volunteer.
  • Become One of Jackson’s Men within 5 years.

iPledge seeks to bring into practice Kappa Sigma’s belief that membership is “not for a day, or an hour, or a college term only, but for life”.

The iPledge Commitment
Become A Kappa Sigma Volunteer

The Kappa Sigma volunteer core is the vehicle that keeps us moving forward. Pledging your time as an Alumnus Volunteer is one of the biggest impacts that you can have on Kappa Sigma. Our undergraduate’s rely on our volunteers for guidance and mentorship. Expanding our volunteer corps is a key initiative of Kappa Sigma.

Pay Alumni Dues

Paying your Alumni Dues is one of the most important actions that you can take as an alumnus. Not only does your generous gift support your undergraduate chapter’s scholarship fund, but it also helps our Endowment Fund continue to expand the Kappa Sigma footprint. Please visit the Kappa Sigma Alumni Dues to pay your alumni dues!

Become A Jackson's Man

The Jackson’s Men initiative has provided our Kappa Sigma Endowment Fund the opportunity to provide scholarships to undergraduates in every Kappa Sigma chapter. Becoming one of Jackson’s Men is a pledge of commitment to the fraternity by supporting the Kappa Sigma scholarship fund and the culture of giving that has been create across our fraternity. Please visit the Jackson’s Man Page to become one of Jackson’s Men!

Mentor An Undergraduate

The most important gift that we can give undergraduates is our time. Part of the iPledge initiative is to mentor an undergraduate. Much like the big brother program during pledging, it is important that we continue to help our young brothers navigate their time as undergraduates once they are initiated.

Follow Kappa Sigma

Alumnus engagement is extremely important for the future of Kappa Sigma. The best way to stay up to date on everything happening in Kappa Sigma is to follow our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages. This is where you will find out key information about Kappa Sigma initiatives, as well as how each of our chapters are doing throughout the school year!