2017 Man of the Year

The Supreme Executive Committee of Kappa Sigma Fraternity is pleased to announce that Brother Bert “Tito” Beveridge has been selected as the 2017 Kappa Sigma Man of the Year.

Brother Beveridge is a 1981 initiate of the Tau Chapter of Kappa Sigma at the University of Texas.

Brother Beveridge is a successful businessman who is the founder and owner of Tito’s Handmade Vodka. Brother Beveridge created his business from scratch in Austin, TX and he has turned it into an award-winning, nationally recognized brand that is distributed throughout the world. Tito’s Handmade Vodka is the first legally approved distillery in the state of Texas.

Brother Beveridge is the seventh initiate of the Tau Chapter at the University of Texas to be selected as the Man of the Year. The Man of the Year Award will be presented for the 80th time in its history, and Brother Beveridge will be the 83rd Brother of Kappa Sigma to receive the annual honor. Prior Tau alumni who have received this prestigious award include: Cyrus R. Smith (Former President of American Airlines), Beauford H. Jester (Former Governor of Texas), Dr. Denton A. Cooley (Founder – Texas Heart Institute, performed the first heart transplant in the United States), Richard E. Rainwater (Financier), Bill Wittliff (Screenwriter, The Perfect Storm), R.D. Burck (Former Chancellor, University of Texas System).

The Man of the Year Award was established in 1937 when the first Man of the Year Award was presented to Brother Cyrus Smith of Tau Chapter at the University of Texas. Brother Smith was president of American Airlines.

A Man of the Year Banquet will be held on December 2nd 2017 for Brother Beveridge. At the banquet, the Kappa Sigma Supreme Executive Committee (Board of Directors) will present the Man of the Year award to Brother Beveridge. Stay tuned for more details on the banquet.

Man of the Year Recipients


Name Chapter School Year
Bert “Tito” Beveridge Tau University of Texas 2017
Michael O’Malley Beta-Kappa University of New Hampshire 2016
R.D. Burck Tau University of Texas 2015
Craig R. Barrett Beta-Zeta Stanford University 2014
William E. Gortney Lambda-Lambda Elon University 2013
Bill Wittliff Tau University of Texas at Austin 2012
Brian J. O’Dwyer Alpha-Eta George Washington University 2011
Jim Morris Beta-Theta Indiana University 2010
Gary D. Forsee Beta-Chi Missouri University S&T 2009
Richard M. Burr Delta-Omega Wake Forest University 2008
Alan R. Mulally Gamma-Omicron University of Kansas 2007
Martin C. Petersen Rho Arizona State University 2006
Sonny Perdue Beta-Lambda University of Georgia 2005
Michael L. Eskew Chi Purdue University 2004
Todd R. Wagner Beta-Theta Indiana University 2003
General Paul V. Hester Delta-Xi University of Mississippi 2002
Hon Paul E. Patton Beta-Nu University of Kentucky 2001
“Raymond J. Lane, Jr” Gamma-Phi West Virginia University 2000
Col. Ronald J. Webb Beta-Theta Indiana University 1999
Philip S. Anderson Jr Xi University of Arkansas 1998
Pierson M. Grieve Jr Epsilon-Delta Northwestern University 1997
Richard E. Rainwater Tau University of Texas 1996
Robert D. Krebs Beta-Zeta Stanford University 1995
Robert J. Eaton Gamma-Omicron University of Kansas 1994
“John F. Smith, Jr” Gamma-Delta University of Massachusetts 1994
Jerral W. Jones Xi University of Arkansas 1993
Samuel Donaldson Epsilon-Xi University of Texas/El Paso 1992
Dr Russel L. Wiener Phi Rhodes College 1991
“E. Fay Jones, Jr” Xi University of Arkansas 1990
HON Dante B. Fascell Epsilon-Beta University of Miami 1989
Mort Walker Beta-Gamma University of Missouri/Columbia 1988
Robert W. Lundeen Gamma-Sigma Oregon State University 1987
Paul H. Henson Alpha-Psi University of Nebraska 1986
Lewis W. Lehr Alpha-Psi University of Nebraska 1985
Charles L. Massey Jr Xi University of Arkansas 1984
Fred M. Russell Kappa Vanderbilt University 1983
Larry M. Speakes Delta-Xi University of Mississippi 1982
Rev John M. Allin Sr Omega University of The South 1981
David C. Treen Sigma Tulane University 1980
Dr Lee S. Dreyfus Beta-Epsilon University of Wisconsin 1979
William R. Hewlett Beta-Zeta Stanford University 1978
Richard F. Barry III Epsilon-Beta University of Miami 1977
Ardeshir Zahedi Epsilon-Kappa Utah State University 1976
Dr John W. Ryan Delta-Sigma University of Utah 1975
“John B. Kelly, Jr” Alpha-Epsilon University of Pennsylvania 1974
Joseph D. Waggonner Jr Epsilon-Gamma Louisiana Tech University 1973
Lamar Hunt Delta-Pi Southern Methodist University 1972
Edgar D. Mitchell Delta-Alpha Carnegie Mellon University 1971
HON Robert J. Dole Gamma-Omicron University of Kansas 1970
GEN Samuel C. Phillips Delta-Gamma University of Wyoming 1969
James H. Binns Beta-Omicron University of Denver 1968
Benjamin S. Gilmer Beta-Eta Auburn University 1967
William A. Whitfield Gamma-Lambda Iowa State University 1966
Reno Odlin Beta-Psi University of Washington 1965
Dr Denton A. Cooley Tau University of Texas 1964
James B. Fisk Gamma-Pi MIT 1963
HON Paul J. Fannin Gamma-Rho University of Arizona 1962
HON John G. Tower Iota Southwestern University 1961
John M. Olin Alpha-Kappa Cornell University 1960
Spencer T. Olin Alpha-Kappa Cornell University 1960
E. Branch Mc Cracken Beta-Theta Indiana University 1959
“Willard F. Rockwell, Jr” Alpha-Delta Pennsylvania State University 1958
Francis S. Van Derbur Beta-Omicron University of Denver 1957
Henry G. Symonds Beta-Zeta Stanford University 1956
Arnold M. Johnson Gamma-Beta University of Chicago 1955
Thomas J. Williams Xi University of Arkansas 1954
Hoagland H. Carmichael Beta-Theta Indiana University 1953
Donald H. Mc Laughlin Beta-Xi University of California/Berkeley 1952
Carey E. Kefauver Lambda University of Tennessee 1951
“Rev Fred P. Corson, Ret” Beta-Pi Dickinson College 1950
Cason J. Callaway Zeta University of Virginia 1949
Edwin P. Hubble Gamma-Beta University of Chicago 1948
Beauford H. Jester Tau University of Texas 1947
Ernest W. Goodpasture Kappa Vanderbilt University 1946
Clinton A. Pierce Alpha-Gamma University of Illinois 1945
Dwight H. Green Alpha-Pi Wabash College 1944
Roy C. Osgood Alpha-Eta George Washington University 1943
James H. Macia Jr Gamma-Rho University of Arizona 1942
Jack E. Manch Upsilon Hampden-Sydney College 1942
Edward R. Murrow Gamma-Mu Washington State University 1941
Frederick H. Albee Alpha-Rho Bowdoin College 1940
“Warren R. Austin, Jr” Alpha-Lambda University of Vermont 1939
Lowell J. Thomas Beta-Omicron University of Denver 1938
Cyrus R. Smith Tau University of Texas 1937